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افتراضي The Arab world and Russia in light of the ambitions of the Turkish-Israeli occupation and the hegemony of NATO (NATO

The Arab world and Russia in light of the ambitions of the Turkish-Israeli occupation and the hegemony of NATO (NATO)

The conflict between the colonial powers and the Arab world for decades resulted in an increase in the dispersal, dismantling and disruption of Arab integration. Basically, they worked to subjugate the active Arab countries, which are considered the basis of the nucleus of the Arab world. Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Yemen (Aden) Algeria. These countries are the backbone of the Arab world and its active center in various fields. To reduce and curb the ambitions of colonialism and to remove it, the colonists proceeded in their conspiracies in order to basically subjugate these countries and their downfall means the fall of the entire Arab world under their sway. It penetrated under the name of Salafi Wahhabism to strike the Arab countries with an integrated Islamic ideological trend and also for the sake of exclusivity and control of the Gulf countries by instilling an extremist innovated creed that hinders coexistence and integration among our Arab people. Through this, the colonial powers created influence in the Arab world through two lines of hegemony and subjugation to the rule of law The forces of the Gulf states, and an innovated, repressive, extremist, extremist, delusional, Wahhabi, Salafist, ISIS movement that simulates the Brotherhood’s cultivated ideology and is supported by the Turkish intelligence and goes along with it to meet the ambitious expansionist ambition aimed at perpetuating the destruction, subjugation, dependence, occupation, tyranny, colonialism and systematic ignorance of the Arab peoples that meet the aspirations of the Turkish colonial forces, the pious,
Regardless of the carnival of false and deceptive claims represented by their wars against terrorism, which is a way to invade and colonize Arab countries, drain their wealth and seize their capabilities,

Like them, who wanted to establish a bull farm?! confined to a fence and behind it they put wolves to guard and surrounded them with barracks, bases and fleets to entice and intimidate? Threat and protection! Families and obedience! Subjugation and follow! They wreaked havoc in the region, possession, destruction, murder, colonialism and deceit. They worked to mortify consciences, ignoring peoples, killing humanity, shedding freedoms, undermining values, destroying morals, permitting forbidden things, abusing morals, disintegrating systems, falsifying facts, looting justice and eating peace, and encouraging intellectual contradictions and minorities as a means of ensuring that Arab integration even in the absence of subordination to them, as this allows them
Creating a bitter reality in the Arab world and the region, creating hatred, reviving hatred, envy, measures and distorting history, a systematic policy to drag the Arabs into a swamp full of mosquitoes. Their impact has reached the point of our present and our reality now between a threat, a threat, subjugation, occupation, wars, possession, dissolution, death, collapse, poverty, poverty, hunger, misery, deprivation, life difficulties, bitter living, and the affliction of the homeland from the arrival of those tragedies and that collapse and those conspiracies are a reality that everyone witnesses, a threat to the permanence of the Turkish-American Zionist occupation
The siege of Egypt, a war between Yemen, Aden and Sana’a, a war in Syria, strife in Iraq, collapse in the Gulf states, misery in Sudan, poverty in Lebanon, and groans and groans abounding in the rest of the countries. Whoever refuses and does not obey will support the opposite!

And while our Arab homeland is being torn apart, an invasion entity for the future is being created that is more dangerous than before. It is called the NATO Alliance (NATO) led by the Children of Israel. This entity that destroyed the American people and used its capabilities for its own benefit. US loans amounting to tens of trillions of dollars.
Was the American people given some of what was acquired from the wealth of the peoples as debts and loans of subjugation controlled by the children of Zion and given to them as subsidies from the centers of money and Zionist business? In the name of the NATO (NATO), but we will not enable them and their allies from our peoples like the White House. The torrential rain has reached and the time has come for us to victory over them and the time of their defeat and loss has come. What I discussed, presented and mentioned previously, Turkey has fingerprints in it through its criminal, intelligence and destructive cells of Islamic thought, as it cultivates the Arab and Islamic sect in the name of Sunnis, Shiites, Fatimids, Sufis, Seljuks and Qarmatis, and by co-opting and using the simple to satisfy its ambitions that the children of Israel and Turkey represent a danger to the world, and they are today buying from the authority of Ukraine the people And the capabilities of the Ukrainian people to keep Ukraine away from its regional surroundings and to mortgage its people to the NATO (NATO) to achieve its interests It is at the expense of the interests of its people, and the result is displacement, displacement, loss of people, loss of capabilities, and making her country a battlefield by proxy for NATO?! I advise Ukraine to accept the Russian conditions for the independence of Donbass and its states, while returning to its regional environment, preserving the agreements between it and Russia, without bartering it with the European Union and NATO. From behind it, in a principal degree, the Children of Israel and Turkey, and the best of what was said is little evidence.

Mr. Ibrahim Ahmed Ahmed Ahmed Al-Masni
Yemen Aden
Shawwal 11, 1443 AH
May 12 2022 AD, pub-6158667176473643, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0
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